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postheadericon What Will Arrive for 14.5???



Alright guys and gals! The 5th and final CrossFit OPEN workout will be released tonight at 8pm. Post your predictions to have a chance at winning a FREE WCCF t-shirt! Whatever it may be, we will tackle the beast tomorrow. See you then!!!

postheadericon Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

World Camp  Illustrated by Kris  Written by Audrey

World Camp
Illustrated by Kris
Written by Audrey


Happy Friday World Campers – another fabulous week of hard work and good times at World Camp CrossFit!  Hope you had a dynamite week, and that your experience with 14.4 so far has been glorious.  It’s incredibly inspirational to watch all of you get after it with such ferocious determination.

Hope to see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. for more good times at World Camp CrossFit!

PS – In case you missed it, check out the article about World Camp CrossFit and Owner and Coach Kris Morrill at

postheadericon 14.4. Need I Say More?!?

Well gang, 14.4 is certainly going to be a challenge!  As we prepare ourselves to tackle 14.4 in true World Camp style, a shout out to the two winners of our contest:


Amy is a winner!

Amy is a winner!

Faith is a winner too!

Faith is a winner too!


Congrats Amy and Faith!  Make sure to see Kris to collect your super-cool World Camp CrossFit t-shirt!

Let’s go bring the noise to 14.4 World Campers! Onward and upward!


postheadericon What Do You Have In Store, 14.4?

Burpees, perhaps?

Burpees, perhaps?


As we work hard to forget the fun that was 14.3, let us turn our attention to pondering the possibilities of 14.4.  What could we be looking at World Campers??  Leave us your guess  by either commenting on this post or on Facebook.   The World Camp member who comes the closest to accurately guessing 14.4 will win an awesome World Camp CrossFit t-shirt!


Or maybe wall balls?

Or maybe wall balls?


Submit your guesses by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 20, for your chance to be THE WINNER!!  You know you wanna.

Let the games begin!


Moe's in the know! (No asking her though, that's totally cheating.)

Moe’s in the know! (No asking her though, that’s totally cheating.)

postheadericon Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

That's one crazy leprechaun!

That’s one crazy leprechaun!

Hope the luck of the Irish was with you on this glorious St. Patrick’s day,  that your travels led you to many pots ‘o’ gold, and that four leaf clovers littered your path at every turn!

Congrats to all the WCCF athletes who completed 14.3 – it sure was a doozy!  It was awesome to see such hard work and to witness the cheering and support from the WCCF community for all of the athletes participating in the Open.

Here is an old Irish saying to close out St. Patty’s day and get our week started on a positive note:

“I wish you lots of good luck no matter what the day.  I wish you lots of sunshine and not a bit of gray……I wish you lots of laughter and never one wee sigh, and I hope no gift of fortune may ever pass you by.”

postheadericon Friday Fun

Happy Friday fellow WCCF athletes!  As we close out another glorious week of working to become better than yesterday, we hope you will enjoy this fun little comic.  While we here at WCCF work extremely hard, we also know how to play hard and have a good time.  Laughter is integral in the recovery process for fatigued muscles – I’m pretty sure that’s a scientific fact.

Hope to see all of you fabulous WCCF athletes tomorrow morning for 9:00 a.m. class. Have a great weekend!


Illustrated by Kris  Written by Audrey

Illustrated by Kris
Written by Audrey

postheadericon And The Winner Is….




Gene came the closest to accurately predicting 14.3 with his guess of dead-lifts and box jumps.  Way to go Gene!  Make sure to see Kris for your World Camp CrossFit T-Shirt!


Let’s go have some fun with 14.3 WCCF athletes!


We Love Box jumps

We Love Box Jumps


postheadericon Oh What Will You Be, 14.3?

WCCF Knows How to Cheer

WCCF Knows How to Cheer


Tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. the CrossFit Games will announce 14.3, the third workout of the Open.  As we hold our collective breath in anticipation, let’s have some fun  at guessing what wonders 14.3 has in store for CrossFit athletes around the world.





Leave a comment to this post with your guess, or a comment to the World Camp CrossFit Facebook page about your prediction for 14.3.  The WCCF member who comes  the closest to accurately guessing the actual 14.3 workout will win a free WCCF t-shirt!   Your comment must be received by 5:00 p.m., March 13, 2014, to be eligible for  our super-fun contest.


The Joy That Was 14.2

The Joy That Was 14.2


WCCF has had a great open experience so far this year!  Let’s keep having fun in showing the 2014 Open whose boss!


Tina Killing C2B

Tina Killing C2B

postheadericon Flatlanders Canyon Crash Trail Run

A big shout-out to all the World Camp CrossFit athletes who participated this past Saturday in the Flatlanders Canyon Crash Trail Run!  WCCF was a proud sponsor of the event.  We had a great turnout, beautiful weather, and lots of fun!


World Camp Representing

World Camp Representing

Randy,  Billy

Randy, Faith, and Billy:  Organizers Extraordinaire


World Camp loves getting out and supporting local events, and we can always count on the WCCF athletes to show up in droves!  Make sure to let us know if you are participating in any event or competition so we can share your awesomeness with the WCCF community.





Don’t forget to come check out Yogafix at World Camp tomorrow!  Yoga classes are now offered every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  Cost is $10 per class.   Hope to see you there!

postheadericon Happy Monday!!!


How many times have you heard that? I’d guess not too many… Well, it is Monday and we have no control over that, so we should probably make the best of it. Hope to see everyone ready to go today! BIG things happening around the camp, so don’t miss out!

postheadericon Basketball Game Monday!



The WCCF Basketball team will play Monday night at 7:15pm. The game, as all games, will be played at Turner gymnasium down from Turner Golf Course. There is no admission to come watch! Hope to see some familiar faces there.

postheadericon Come Original…

IMG_0357Gene K.

I rarely exchange out my 24″ box for a Soap Box, but today is one of those days… There are some days that I love my job, and there other days that I REALLY love my job! I am completely sold out on trying to help people become better athletes, and I am fortunate enough to have that opportunity. I am serious about my job. Although there are those times of jest and horseplay, when it’s time to get serious, we do just that. You see, this is not just a job for me, and I believe that I can speak for the entire training staff when I say that. Training people is in my blood, it’s what I hold dear to me. When I opened up WCCF, then World Camp Fitness, I was ridiculed and called crazy. My training method was “just a fad” and I wouldn’t make it past the first 6 months. I was discredited by my peers in the “Personal Training business” and was viewed as some rogue trainer that was going to inevitably hurt someone. By the first of 2009 I had successfully built a small army of clients and the train began to gain momentum. This only caused others in the local fitness industry to talk more trash, try even harder to discredit and put IMG_0390IMG_0370down my training methods. All this was fine, because as you may know, when you keep you’re head down hustling, you rarely look up to see the people in your way. To the surprise of many, WCCF made it to its 1 year anniversary and the name was getting out there. The clients that I had began to multiply and soon we were a force that could not be denied! After many talks with CrossFit HQ and other Affiliate owners, I agreed to become a CrossFit Affiliate. That’s when, excuse my french, all Hell broke loose! Now I was not only a freestanding facility, I was part of a movement! I can remember talking to CrossFit’s Founder and CEO Greg Glassman at an Affiliate gathering when he said, “They will never understand you Kris, so don’t bother trying to speak their language. We are coming after their members and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.” This hit home so hard and you know what? He was right! When I got back to the gym I dug deeper, I worked harder on the small army that I desired to accompany me in this journey. I took this “If you build it, they will come” mentality and ran with it. By 2011 WCCF had grown from an 800sqft facility to an 8,000sqft one and there was no slowing down in sight. Now, with right at 12,000sqft and roughly 170 of the hardest working people on the planet, our desire and passion are still on the rise. I get up everyday excited that I get to go to work! Excited to know that people are there eager to learn, eager to become better! They have no problem with laying it on the line every single day knowing that nothing worthwhile comes easy, and if it did come easy, they wouldn’t want it. I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you that rely and trust WCCF to train you. That is more of an honor than you could ever know…

So, what happened to all those neigh sayers and trainers casting stones at the crazy guy and this whole CrossFit movement? Well, I can tell you… They are trying to incorporate CrossFit movements into their training all the while not giving CrossFit any credit. They are trying desperately to keep their members and clients by pawning of some second rate fitness regimen that they got off of the internet that they don’t even do themselves because IMG_0116IMG_9250they don’t understand it. I’ve even heard “this class (insert name here) is CrossFit just without the weights.” Ok, lets think about that shall we… I can’t name one time that I’ve ever gone to the gym and NOT picked up a weight. That’s called AEROBICS!!! Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with aerobics, stop trying to go back on what you said 5 years ago and get off of the coat tails of CrossFit. Certain gyms are so quick to say “CrossFit is bad for you” and “you’re going to get hurt,” all the while introducing a class that has Burpees, Med Ball Slams, Air Squats, Wall Ball Shots and “weight training.” Please understand that I in no means am saying that CrossFit is the “end all, be all” when it comes to fitness. I’m just asking that these people give credit where credit is due. To some of us this isn’t just a job, it’s not just a paycheck or a means of survival. We don’t do it so we can wear the coolest Reebok CrossFit gear or seem like we are speaking a different language. To some of us it’s who we are, it is our life’s work and we take pride in it.

I’m signing off now and calling it a night. If you made it all the way to the end of this, thank you. If you didn’t, well you’re not reading this anyway…

postheadericon Upcoming Events of Interest


For the first time in history WCCF will assemble a Basketball team and participate in the City of Albany’s Parks and Recreation Basketball League! I am beyond excited about this and am looking forward to the camaraderie that comes along with team sports. If you are interested in playing see me the next time you’re in the gym. If you’d like to participate but don’t feel like Basketball is your thing, please come support the team when you can. Games will be played here locally at 6:30pm, 7:30pm or 8:30pm. The schedule is still being made out, however I will post it as soon as I receive it. Hopefully this will be something fun for all and possibly take our mind off of the daily grind for an hour or so.


Starting Monday, January 6th we will be holding a special “Road to Regionals” class at 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays. This class is for ALL who are serious about competing in the CrossFit OPEN and helping WCCF makes its 5th appearance at Regionals. This Class will be structured around skill sets and Met-Con workouts. We will be working on teams as well as the individual level. If you are interested and have questions, just see me in the gym.


Also starting Monday, the “Back to Basics” format will begin! “Back to Basics” will allow us to re-teach the foundational movements from the ground up all the while getting some great workouts in! Whether you are a veteran of the sport or a brand newbie, all WILL benefit from this. For those who have never attended the LEVEL 1 Certification, this will be as close to that as you can get without Chuck Carswell himself in your face!

I am excited for our little gym in 2014, and feel fortunate and humbled that you all have established WCCF as your home.

postheadericon HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

As we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014, one can’t help but reflect on what has taken place over the last 365 days. Many great accomplishments have been made. Some goals set may have not been acquired just yet, but one thing is certain, we are better today than we were this time last year. The truth is, even though those goals may have not been accomplished just yet, we get better everyday. We are better than yesterday.  Many people reading this very post will be stepping into WCCF for the first time this next week. Those individuals will be exposed to the great community here and come to the realization that, although from the outside it may be intimidating, you can’t always judge the contents by the outside of the package. Because of this, I only find it fitting to repost an entry by one of our own about their first experiences here at WCCF.


The Better Part of Me

I knew that part of me was in there. I just knew it.  I just did not know how to get to that part of me. That is how and where my journey with Crossfit and World Camp began. I wanted and needed to find the better part of me.

We all have our reasons for taking that very first and hardest step (in my opinion) of walking through that door. Whatever your reason is for deciding to come to WCCF, only you know what it is. Some share their reasons; some like me never shared their reason for entering that door. This is my way of sharing. My reason for walking through that door was to find the better part of me.

We live each day, as we are “supposed to”. I did at least. Today turned into tomorrow, then the next day, and the next. They were all the same. I was the same. I was the same and unhappy, but could not figure out why. Somehow, I had lost myself along the way, living each of those days the same as I always had. How did I lose myself? I have asked that question to myself for a long time. How did I become this person I didn’t even know anymore?

Walking into the gym, World Camp, very scared, what did I see? Immediately, Four walls and a Rower. I remember that rower. I still hate that thing. Little did I know that those four walls would eventually become my home away from home. I did not know that at the time and it even took a long time for me to admit that I actually “liked” and would eventually love (gasp!) what I was doing.

On that initial visit, I remember being asked what my reason for coming to World Camp was. My response, “I am overweight, and I need to get in shape, lose weight and tone.”   Truthfully, I needed so much more and even I did not know it at the time.

So, what is this gym? What is this place that people that don’t understand say we’re crazy about? What makes it so special? Is it because we are doing things we have never done before? Is it because we are doing things we NEVER said we would? Is it because we are doing things they are not doing? Yes, a gym is simply four walls filled with equipment. My gym, however, is not that. My gym, World Camp, could not be World Camp, if it was simply four walls filled with equipment. Quite honestly if it was, I would not still be there. That place, the people within those four walls and the changes I am making within myself are helping me find the better part of me, every single day.

There are many days, many specifics, that I recall from being within those four walls since my first day. Lots of laughs, lots of smiles, lots of frustration and some tears. I wrote about some of these, just for myself at the time, not realizing that someday I may have the courage to share. On one particular workout when I fell apart, Kris came to me with these words that I needed and will never forget.

“Your best will vary from day to day. My best will be different from your best. All of us have days when things just don’t go as planned, have a sick child, a sick parent, deadlines, work stress, schedule conflicts, irritations, emotional distress and some days more than one of these. You are better. You are better than yesterday. You’ll see.”

He was so right and I recall those words on occasion. I was better and did not even know it. It is on those days that I find the better part of me. Walking through those doors is my therapy. For that one hour, I can leave it all outside and give my best, whatever that may be, on that day. Some days it may just be coming in for an hour to breathe and that may be all I can give on that day. No one walks in your shoes; no one knows what you have going on or what you are going through. Most importantly, no one knows what you have to give; only you do. There will be good days and bad days, good WODs and bad WODs. However, we must give our best every day. Decide that today you will become better and give your very best. Then, come back tomorrow and see what is on that whiteboard.

My hope for the New Year is to continue to try to find the better part of me and BE BETTER. I hope that you will join me at WCCF and find out why it is that you are there.


- Anonymous


I would like to thank you all, not for just being members, but believing in the system and allowing us the opportunity to program for your health and well being. I have had a blast with you all the last year and look forward to 2014. There are some great things just around the corner and this is definitely an exciting time here at WCCF. I am excited that you all are a part of it!

postheadericon New Years at a Glance


New Years Hours

Monday (30th)- Regular Schedule

Tuesday- 5:30a, 6:30a, 9a & 4p

Wednesday- 10am (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!)

Thursday- Regular Hours

Friday- Regular Hours

Saturday- 9am

postheadericon “If You Want To Be Someone Else, Change Your Mind”

Karen C.


“This morning, my three year old asked why I go to the gym. I told him I go there to exercise. Because he’s three, he followed that up with “Why?”. I said I wanted to be healthy. Again, he questioned me. “What’s healthy?” I told him healthy means you are strong. I’ve never thought about going to the gym to be strong and healthy until now. All my life, I just wanted to be skinny. I’m so glad that I have a new and much more positive perspective on what healthy really is. And I’m proud Chris and I are setting a good example for our boys.While I haven’t seen pounds melt away on the scale, I have seen some pretty awesome changes in my body (and mind) since I joined World Camp Crossfit and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. 
I’m in. I drank the kool-aid and I liked it.”

-Karen Cohilas

postheadericon Holiday Hours

Harris W.

REMEMBER that Friday the 20th is our Christmas party here at the gym from 7-9pm! Please make plans to stop by and hangout for a few. We are catering in Harvest Moon but are asking that you bring you favorite finger food or side dishes. Feel free to bring the kids, as they are also a part of our community.

Next weeks schedule at a glance

Monday- Regular hours

Tuesday (Christmas Eve)- 5:30, 6:30, 9 and 4

Wednesday (Christmas Day)- CLOSED

Thursday- Regular hours

Friday- Regular hours

Saturday- 9am

postheadericon New Years, Here We Come!

Zane G.

As the new year approaches, so does the opportunity to recreate yourself so to speak. Everyone has some aspect of their life that they would like to make just a little better, now here is your chance! I would like each and every one of you to be thinking of your “New Years Resolutions.” What is it you would like to change? I personally have some very strong goals set for 2014, not just personally but in regards to WCCF. I have viewed the month of December as a Bull digging his hoof into the sand of the area preparing to charge. When January hits, we are going to do just that… CHARGE!!! I have so many things planned for our little gym, I can’t stand myself sometimes! I hope you all are ready, 2014 is going to be a blast!


Remember that this years Christmas party will be on the 20th, from 7-9pm. I hope you all make plans to be here! I will cater in wraps again, however I am asking you all to bring a side dish of your choice to go along. This can be anything! Paleo who??? That’s what I’m talking about…. 

postheadericon “ROWvember” Totals

I would like to take a second to thank each and every one of you that participated in our “ROWvember” rowing challenge. As always, when you WCCF athletes are challenged to a task, you come through in a major way! It does my heart good to see people putting in extra work in the gym, but to see 15 or so rowers going at one time when not programmed is amazing! I would see people coming in early, staying late, rowing a few hundred meters before and after class as well as people row upwards of 10k meters a day! Someone even brought in a projector to watch a movie as they set out to row a half marathon on their day off! Thank you all again for challenging yourself to be better! In every contest, there must be a winner. The winner of this years “ROWvember” rowing challenge, with a total of 454,441 meters rowed, is TEAM 1! If you are a part of TEAM 1 please see me for your prize. Thank you all again for participating!

postheadericon Limitations

“Limitations are for those that have them and excuses are for those that need them.”

Think about that statement for a moment and toy with the thought of how it applies to your life. We all have limitations, that’s just the way it is. Some seem like they are more limited than others because of physical strength or abilities, knowledge or the environment; while others appear to be naturals at certain things. This is all fine and good, this is life! An excuse, on the other hand, is something completely different… An excuse is a way of you rationalizing with yourself as to why you’re not able to do certain things. It’s very easy to make excuses for ourselves as opposed to the alternative, and that is working harder to overcome our limitations. Growing up playing basketball, I would hear “If I was as tall as you, I’d be scoring 30 a game!” Standing at 6’3″, I could see how this could be a valid point however not so. I was taller yes, but I also worked my butt off! I would reply, “No, you would still be sorry, but you’d be a taller version of your sorry self.” Sorry, not because this individual couldn’t physically do something, but because he wasn’t willing to put in the time to become better. We must look at our own lives and distinguish what is important to us and what isn’t. If being a better athlete is important, then we must work on our weaknesses until they aren’t our weaknesses anymore. Whatever your desires in this life are, you can obtain them, or at least pretty darn close, but you must be willing to put in the work. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” they say, and neither is anything else worthwhile.


2722-6 Dawson Rd.
Albany, Ga. 31707
(229) 343-5369

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